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Ultrasonic LED Hot Cold Facial And Body Massager | Sazzus

Cold Treatment(5-10°C ):

1.Shrink blood vessel pores,improve coarse pores;
2.Reinforce collagenous fiber,make your skin became elastic,fade wrinkles
and crow's feet;
3.Effectively reduce varicose veins,hazardous wastes are more likely to be purged,
can help to fade and eliminate dark spots;
4.To reduce nerve sensitivity,reduce the redness and swelling pain of the skin,especially
for the sensitive skin.

Hot Treatment(39-44°C ):

1.Warm up, make the person feel warm and comfortable,relax muscle,relieve pain and soreness;
2.Promote blood circulation and helps to better absorb skin care products;
3.Improve skin metabolism,discharge waste toxins,helps to fade eye pouch and dark circle.

LED Lights:

1.Red Light:Skin whitening and moisturizing
2.Blue Light:Remove wrinkle

tip: Automatically shut down each mode after running for 3 minutes. You can increase your use time according to your needs.


1.Skin rejuvenation, Shrink pore, skin tightening , improve skin-elasticity and skin-shine.
2.Lymphatic Drainage, Improve Blood Circulation , Helps To Detox.
3.Helps The Skin Care Products deeply Inject into the Skin , Avoid Nutrition  Releasing . Keep Moisturizer.
4.Wrinkle Removal , Anti-puffiness.
5.Face lift, whitening , black circle removal.
6.Stimulate blood circulation, Lymphatic drainage, detox.

Package Included:

1x Ultrasonic Facial Massager Hot Cold Hammer
1x Power Adapter
1x English Manual
Tips:Beauty and weight loss products do not guarantee the same effect for everyone.
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