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6 In 1 EMS Body Slimming Massager | Anti Cellulite Massage | SAZZUS

Upgraded version 6 in 1 EMS Ultrasonic Cavitation LED Fat Burner Facial Body Beauty Machine

6 in 1 weight loss machine can worked well to fat remove on body, enables you shape a charming body line and to restore the resilience of your skin with a short period of time.
FAT REMOVE -- MEILYLA fat machine can promotes the dissolution of fat, and enhance skin elasticity, accelerate metabolism, thus promoting weight loss. Works well on abdomen, arms and legs, especially for postpartum recovery.
SKIN TIGHTENING -- Use on body can reduce puffiness, helped to lift and tighten the skin, thin Arm Waist Abdomen Hip Legs. Suitable for all kinds of skin.
RELIEVE FATIGUE -- Helps massage your body, loosens tense muscles and relieve fatigue. Apply the skin care gel when use, will have a better result.
EASY TO USE -- Compact, easy to carry and use. stainless steel probe, anti-oxidation, durable. Please notice that this machine CAN NOT heat up.
1.High frequency vibration function: 
It can remove surplus water from skin and eye pouches, and reduce wrinkles & lines by promoting the generation of youth collagen. When used along with skin care product, it can enhance the result by conducting nutrition deep into the skin.
2.EMS Function: 
Unique EMS current can promote collagen contract and reorganize, which create new collagen, make skin more firm.
3.Ionic Function: 
Ionic can extracts the dirt and grease out of the skin pores and penetrates nutrition into deep skin with a far better absorption rate. 
Positive ion can relieve skin redness and irritations. it also can shrink the pores by strengthening the skin texture. Negative ion can soften the skin texture, thus enhance skin vitality and elasticity, and greatly helps aging skin and dryness.
4.Red/Blue Light Function: 
Red Light has the effect of improving loose skin or wrinkle skin. 
Blue Light can calm skin and improving the oily skin
Warm Tips:
1.Please read the user manual carefully before using fat loss machine
2.Usage:1-2 times/week,20-30 minutes/time
3.The vibration beauty device does NOT has a heat function, and can NOT get hot 
4. The intensity button on the side is initially set to zero, when using EMS function, turn it to 1 for the lowest setting.
5.Before using the massager, recommended to use a gel, essence or other skin care products which suitable for your skin to reach better effect
Suggestions for concurrent use with cream 
Packing includes:
1 x 6 in 1 Machine, 1 Pair EMS Gloves,  1 x Goggle,  1 x Power Adapter,
2 Pairs EMS Pads,   1 x EMS wire,   1 x User Manual
Tips:Beauty and weight loss products do not guarantee the same effect for everyone.

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