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What is microcurrent facial device? And which microcurrent is best

August 08, 2019

How about nuface

1. What is microcurrent facial machine?

Microcurrent is a tiny current. The micro-current cosmetology instrument is a cosmetology instrument that can transmit micro-current to your skin and muscle.

Micro-current has been used in the field of cosmetology for decades, and it has been used in the field of medical treatment for a longer time. Like NuFace and Refa, they are all very familiar cosmetologists.


However, most people do not understand why use microcurrent.

2. microcurrent what does it do?

It is said that microcurrent cosmetology has been popular for so long, its role should be the most well-known. However, most people know only a small part of its functions.

In fact, "reducing edema, reducing face, tightening muscles, lifting and tightening, promoting circulation" are not comprehensive enough to describe the functions of micro-current cosmetology instrument, and some are not accurate enough.

Although the function of micro-current cosmetology instrument is very straightforward, the description of its function is not detailed enough.

3. The Real Function of Microcurrent Beauty Device

The function of micro-current cosmetology instrument should be divided into the following two categories accurately:

1. Adjustment of muscular and fascial systems

2. Repair and regeneration of wound healing mechanism

There are many small categories under these two categories.

When people repeat the same action, such as sitting for a long time and keeping the same expression for a long time, the muscular and fascial systems will gradually change.

1. Some muscles are flabby and lose muscle volume because they have not been exercised for a long time.

2. Some muscles are excessively tense and stiff because they endure long-term unbearable forces.

3. Adding some sudden stimulation (more than mental tension, excessive muscle contraction and fiber damage, etc.) will make the remaining "bad tension" stay in the muscle for a long time.

These muscular problems will further lead to:

1. Slower blood circulation, slower oxygen transport and slower discharge of metabolic wastes.

2. This causes your fascial system to become rigid, gradually changing from liquid to solid.

3. Once the fluidity of fascial system becomes worse and the water content becomes lower, it will reduce ATP production rate, electrolyte conductivity, membrane conductivity, and increase the accumulation of metabolic wastes. That is to say, the cell activity will decrease, the cell metabolic rate will decrease, and the metabolic wastes will accumulate.

As an important cause of body shape, imbalance and stubborn pain, I think it's easy for everyone to understand the above state.

But as a result of facial aging, relaxation, collapse, deformation, facial expression lines, etc., it is difficult to associate them all at once.

Nuface 2

In fact, the body and face are the same, muscle problems, leading to a lot of aging, deformation, and even health problems. That's why I often write about facial muscle training. ​

What is the effect of microcurrent on facial muscles? Is it so simple to "tighten your muscles"?

It's not just about contracting muscles.

As I mentioned earlier, from the point of view of muscle training, micro-current is especially like doing "fascial yoga" for muscles, which is different from anti-rent training and ordinary muscle stretching. Fascial yoga can improve muscle condition as well as fascial condition:

1. The effect of micro-current on muscle is not to tighten the muscle, but to release the remaining "bad tension" in the muscle, relax and activate the stiff muscle, activate the relaxed muscle, make the muscle return to an active, relaxed and healthy state, promote blood circulation and promote oxygen supply.

2. After relaxation of muscle residual tension, fascial state will be substantially improved, fascial water content will be increased, fascial interstitium will be changed from rigid solid to liquid with strong fluidity, and the conductivity of the membrane will be increased, thus promoting nutrient transport in the cell and waste excretion outside the cell, and nerve endings control will correspond. Enhance and promote the production of ATP (ATP is the energy source of cells). Generally speaking, it can improve cell activity and metabolic rate, and promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

How many intensities of micro-current can achieve the above effect? The stronger, the better?

Not the stronger, the better. In the conclusion of McMakin C., a scientist in the field of micro-current, 50uA~1000uA is the best interval to promote ATP generation. When 500uA is used, the rate of protein regeneration is greatly increased. If this interval is exceeded, ATP generation will be adjusted. When more than 5000uA (i.e. 5mA), ATP generation will be inhibited. Collagen and elastin production can also be inhibited, that is to say, there will be a reaction.

2. Repair and regeneration of wound healing mechanism

Many diseases, including cancer research, wound healing is an important part of it. It is a research hotspot in recent years. It involves various fields. For example, I helped a professor of cancer in another laboratory to simulate the effect of fluid boundary conditions on cell migration in wounds.

The effect of micro-current on wound healing has been discussed in academia in recent years. It is believed that the potential of micro-current has been buried, and a lot of research efforts should be devoted to further study so as to identify the best clinical application as soon as possible.

What does healing have to do with our beauty?

It's too much to do with us to become beautiful

1. When your skin is damaged (e.g. skin barrier damage, breakage, red swelling and acne scar caused by extruded acne, etc.), it needs to be repaired. You need to activate your wound healing mechanism to help you repair it properly.

2. When you use a hairdresser (laser, radio frequency), or have a medical and aesthetic project (laser, radio frequency, brushing acid, etc.), essentially, it is to cleverly stimulate your skin into the wound healing mechanism, and then through the process of wound healing, help you produce new tissue, new collagen, and so on. To the effect of new life, that is, the effect expected by the cosmetology instrument or medical beauty project.

Therefore, whether you need to repair the wound after injury, or use a cosmetology device, after doing medical treatment, you need to quickly regenerate the skin to achieve the desired effect, which is inseparable from the wound healing mechanism of your skin. It's not important to understand how wound healing works.

4. How to Use Microcurrent Lifting Skin Device?

After talking about the function of micro-current cosmetology instrument, we still need to use it intelligently. Now let's talk about what conditions are suitable for using micro-current cosmetology instrument, and how to use it to give full play to its due ability.

1. Promote lymphatic circulation: Remove edema and lose face.

2. Promoting blood circulation and microcirculation: It is helpful to the dark circle of the eye.

3. Promote oxygen supply, promote cell nutrient transport and metabolic waste excretion, enhance cell metabolic rate: improve cell activity, skin care products can also play a better role.

4. Regulation of muscle and fascial tissue: prevent and alleviate facial relaxation, deformation, aging and facial expression lines caused by imbalance of muscle strength, muscle relaxation, muscle stiffness and fascial water deficiency.

(I remember the facial muscle training I wrote for you is a very comprehensive muscle strengthening and maintenance.)

5. Anti-inflammation: anti-inflammation caused by skin damage.

6. Repair neonatal and reduce scar formation: When the skin is damaged, micro-current can promote the synthesis of collagen and help neonatal. It has certain effect on the scar of erythema and acne caused by skin barrier damage, breakage and extruding acne.

Many people will feel that as you grow older, the ability of skin repair is getting worse and worse, and micro-current cosmetology is just to help you break this trend, so that your face from muscle to skin cells into a healthier, more active, more energetic state.

FEIPUSHI use microcurrent technology it like a magic that keeps you young. And it is a good choice that you don't need to spend a lot of money to get the microcurrent facial machine.

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